Success Story - When you change you habits/routines CHANGES occur!..

29-Year-Old New Yorker’s Amazing Body Transformation (See Video)

I’m excited to share with you a very impressive body transformation.
Eric Mandelkern from NYC lost nearly 50lb and transformed his body so dramatically that he now looks more like a men’s fitness model than a busy professional.
Eric and I both grew up in Port Washington, NY and I know Eric through his brother Kenny who is my age. When Eric reached out to me for training last year, I was extremely excited, especially because he had a lot of enthusiasm.
Eric worked very hard with his awesome BuiltLean trainer Jessica to completely transform his body and boost his self-confidence. Check out the video to hear from Eric about his story, and also the Q&A below for even more detail.
Age: 29
Occupation: Junior Partner/Sales Manager @ Printing firm
Residence: New York City
Hometown: Port Washington, NY


Why did you get out of shape? What happened?

I stopped caring about what I ate and really just enjoyed drinking and partying with friends and eating whatever I wanted. I was in the beverage business which was a lot of entertaining clients (drinks, dinners etc.) and lifestyle did not allow me to eat healthy.

What sparked you to make a change?

I had trouble sleeping, I felt self-conscious in the summer time taking my shirt off in front of friends. I did not like the way I looked or felt. I also had very high cholesterol and was too young to go on meds.

How did you come across BuiltLean?

My brother Kenny told me about Marc’s program.


What results did you get with the BuiltLean?

I went from 22% body fat to 12%. I went from 230lbs to 179lbs while building muscle at the same time.

How did BuiltLean help you reach your goals?

Builtlean made me think of fitness as a lifestyle not just a diet/workout program.

What did you like most about the Program?

I like one on one attention you receive to achieve your goals. I also like how the workouts are constantly changing to shock your body and see more immediate results.

What are the workouts like?

The workouts are challenging yet always different from the last so you do not become bored of doing the same thing over and over.

Can you elaborate on how your eating habits changed?

I no longer eat any cheeses or fried foods which were my kryptonite. I now eat low-carb, high protein and high fiber. It makes me feel great by not having that bloated feeling and supplying me with energy throughout the day. I eat 4-6 meals per day now.

What have your friends thought after seeing your results?

They are incredibly impressed by my results. My friends now come to me asking me to train them/give them nutritional advice because of the results they have seen from Builtlean.

What would you tell someone who’s on the fence considering training with BuiltLean?

If you want to make a change, this is the way to go.