Constipation: Why some foods help

Why do some foods such as prunes help to prevent constipation? At last, scientists at the Medical College of Georgia have explained why high-fiber foods keep you regular (PloS Biology, September 2006). Rough and bulky foods brush against the inner linings of your intestinal tract and break the membranes that surround each cell. Immediately, calcium in the outside fluid moves inside the cell to signal mucous-filled compartments inside the cell to come together and form a patch to heal the breaks in the surface membranes. The cells release mucous to keep bulky stool moving along your intestinal tract. Cells lining your intestinal tract live only around 48 hours anyway, so this damage is not harmful as long as you don’t also take a lot of aspirin or alcohol which cause even more damage. If you suffer from irregularity, eat more whole grains and vegetables and drink plenty of fluids. More on constipation


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