Acne patients improve on low-glycemic-index diet

Most dermatologists tell their patients that diet has nothing to do with acne, but researchers at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia presented a paper showing that an experimental low glycemic–load diet helps to improve acne. After 12 weeks, those on the special diet had lower acne lesion counts, lower body weight and lower blood levels of male hormones, compared to those who were not on the special diet.

Acne is a skin disease in which a person's skin glands produce excessive amounts of oil that is converted from a colorless liquid to a more solid white sebum. Then the body causes an immune reaction that causes redness and swelling around the oil glands on the surface of the skin. High levels of male hormones increase oil secretion, while female hormones usually lower it. This study shows that foods that cause a high rise in blood sugar may increase male hormones, oil production and acne.
Journal reference; explanation of low-glycemic-index diet


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