Prevent Weight Gain with Exercise: How Much is Enough?

Most people could eat all they want and not gain weight, but they would have to do a lot of exercising to accomplish this. A study from Zurich shows that it takes at least five hours per week of vigorous exercise to avoid gaining weight with aging (Revue Suisse de M├ędecine Praxis, May 2007). They showed that the average Swiss recreational cyclist, aged 55 to 77, has gained almost two pounds per decade from youth, compared to the non-exercising males in the same age group who gained four pounds per decade. The rate of overweight among these year-round cyclists increased from 7.4 percent in their youthful days to 25 percent by the time they reached their fifties.

If you are in an exercise program and are still gaining weight, you need to exercise more. For many people with jobs, this can be a problem. You may have to go to exercise classes in the evenings after work. Heavy morning exercise can leave you too exhausted to get through the day. You will be more likely to spend many weekend hours exercising if you have an activity that is sociable and fun. Try joining the local bicycle club or road runners club and go out for extended workouts with other members.


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